Neel Murgai Ensemble

Neel Murgai: sitar
Sameer Gupta: tabla
Arun Ramamurthy: violin
Trina Basu: violin
Marika Hughes: cello

The Neel Murgai Ensemble is the realization of Neel’s many years of experimentation in Indian classical music, free improvisation, modern compositional techniques, mathematical rhythmic structures and droning overtone minimalism. This group of stellar musicians, features Sameer Gupta (Marc Cary’s Focus Trio) on tabla, Carnatic violinist Arun Ramamurthy, Western and Carnatic trained violinist Train Basu, and classically trained Marika Hughes on cello. Together they create a raga-chamber jazz with Indian melody and rhythm, orchestral textures and ecstatic flights of improvisational fancy.

They have performed at the 2012 Sinaloa Cultural Festival, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Sun to Stars Festival, SUNY New Paltz, Museum of Natural History, Tea Lounge and many other theaters, clubs and festivals.